Release History


Released 2014-07-18

  • updated use of gtk.SpinButton and gtk.Entry to avoid quirks seen on some platforms
  • fixed a bug that prevented Diffuse from reviewing large git merge conflicts
  • updated C/C++ syntax highlighting to recognise C11/C++11 keywords
  • fixed a bug that prevented drag-and-drop of file paths with non-ASCII characters
  • improved image quality of icons
  • added Chi Ming and Wei-Lun Chao's Traditional Chinese translation


Released 2013-05-13

  • added Jindřich Šesták's Czech translation
  • improved character editing to allow easy indenting and moving the cursor by whole words
  • added Miś Uszatek's Polish translation
  • improved auto-detection of utf_16 and utf_32
  • added "New N-Way File Merge..." menu item
  • added syntax highlighting for Erlang and OpenCL files


Released 2011-11-02

  • added support for Subversion 1.7
  • added "Open Commit..." menu item
  • "-c" option now works for all supported version control systems
  • fixed a bug that caused the wrong revision to be shown when working on a branch in Mercurial
  • Git support distinguishes between staged and unstaged files
  • added syntax highlighting for R files


Released 2011-07-13

  • fixed a bug in CVS and Subversion support that prevented Diffuse from displaying some removed files
  • added syntax highlighting for JSON files
  • added menu items and keyboard shortcuts for "First Tab" and "Last Tab"
  • added "--line" command line option
  • fixed a bug that caused deleted files to be ignored when using the '-m' option
  • fixed a bug that incorrectly encoded pasted text if utf_8 was not specified in the Region Settings preferences
  • state information is now stored in ~/.local/share/diffuse
  • Diffuse now uses a patience diff-based algorithm to align lines
  • added command line option to specify a label to display instead of the file name
  • added preference to display the right margin
  • added Cristian Marchi's Italian translation
  • fixed a bug that could cause "Save As..." to fail with some user specified encodings


Released 2010-10-21

  • Git support now recognises conflicts when re-applying the stash
  • double clicking on text can now select full words with non-English characters
  • search dialog is now automatically populated with the currently selected text
  • fixed a bug that prevented opening files with non-ASCII characters in their path
  • added Oleg Pakhtusov's Russian translation
  • added Kang Bundo's Korean translation
  • pane headers tooltips
  • Shift-ScrollWheel can now be used to scroll horizontally


Released 2010-04-15

  • fixed a bug that prevented the "-m" option from opening a 3-way merge for Subversion and Bazaar conflicts


Released 2010-04-13

  • support for detached Git repositories
  • better removal of unnecessary spacer lines
  • added support for horizontal mouse scrolling
  • renamed some resources to more user friendly names
  • RCS support
  • added Henri Menke's Spanish translation (alpha)
  • "#!" interpreter lines are now used to select proper highlighting rules
  • syntax highlighting is now indicated by radio menu items


Released 2009-10-12

  • added Japanese translation
  • added Liu Hao's simplified Chinese translation
  • added a 'Dismiss All Edits' menu item
  • personal configuration files are now stored in ~/.config/diffuse/ (the README file describes how to migrate old settings)
  • localised manuals are now supported on Windows
  • new command line option for specifying blank file comparison panes
  • new preference to enable/disable line numbers
  • Diffuse now quits if no viewers were created with the -m option
  • MMB on a notebook tab now closes the tab
  • RMB on a notebook tab creates a popup menu to set the current page
  • added "Undo Close Tab" menu item
  • replaced "Closing last tab quits Diffuse" preference with a "Warn me when closing a tab will quit Diffuse" preference
  • added new menu items and buttons for copying lines between panes
  • changed the default hotkeys for merging to reflect the direction text "moves"


Released 2009-08-17

  • added format menu with new items for changing case, sorting, and manipulating white space
  • replaced 'Hide end of line characters' preference with 'Show white space characters'
  • errors are now reported in a dialogue instead of printing to stderr
  • optimised redraws when only the cursor position has changed
  • input methods that use pre-editing can now be used when editing text
  • dead keys can now be used when editing text
  • updated Monotone support to use 'mtn automate inventory'
  • Git support now handles files flagged as 'unmerged'
  • graceful handling of and non-zero exit codes from 'git status'
  • added version control section to the manual


Released 2009-07-03

  • syntax highlighting for .plist, GLSL, SConscript, and SConstruct files
  • status bar now explains how to navigate between modes
  • added labels to indicate syntax highlighting rules, encoding, and format
  • Subversion 1.6 support
  • added Henri Menke's German translation
  • added '--examplesdir=' and '--mandir=' options to
  • renamed the '--python-interpreter=' installer option to '--pythonbin='
  • minor bug fixes


Released 2009-04-13

  • fixed a bug handling the backspace key with the cursor in the first column


Released 2009-04-13

  • POSIX installer with '--destdir=' and '--files-only' options for packagers
  • vi-like keybindings for line mode
  • '-m' option to open modified files in separate tabs
  • 'Merge From Left Then Right' and 'Merge From Right Then Left' menu items
  • drag-n-drop support
  • preferences for behaviour of tabs
  • files with edits now tagged with '*'
  • auto indent
  • 'Open File In New Tab...' and 'Open Modified Files...' menu items
  • 'Save All' menu item
  • mac-style line ending support
  • new end of line display behaviour
  • improved organisation of menu items
  • button bar no longer grabs keyboard focus
  • removed dependence on urllib module
  • errors are now reported on stderr
  • removed TODO list
  • minor bug fixes


Released 2009-03-05

  • fixed a bug affecting the 'Find...' dialogue


Released 2009-03-03

The rules for parsing files in ~/.diffuse have changed in the 0.3.0 release. Non-fatal errors may be reported when parsing old files. These errors can be fixed by removing the offending lines (or the entire file) from ~/.diffuse/diffuserc. Errors in ~/.diffuse/config will be automatically fixed when Diffuse exits.

  • new Windows installer
  • notification on focus change when files change on disk
  • menu items for adjusting indentation
  • syntax highlighting for Objective-C++
  • '-c' option now works with CVS-style revision numbers
  • window title now describes current tab
  • search settings now persist across sessions
  • minor bug fixes


Released 2008-12-03

  • smoother scrolling
  • panes and tabs can now be manually re-organised
  • preferences for tab key behaviour
  • 'go to line' menu item
  • '-c' option for viewing the changes of a particular commit
  • home/end keys can now be used in line mode
  • confirmation requested before overriding changed files
  • position of window now saved
  • syntax files for more file types
  • reading /etc/diffuserc now optional when using a personal configuration file
  • minor bug fixes


Released 2008-10-20

  • Microsoft Windows port
  • svk support
  • syntax files for more file types
  • DOS / Unix line endings now respected in edit operations
  • improved difference map
  • more robust launching of help browsers
  • man page
  • command line display options
  • moved some resources to the preferences dialogue
  • file revisions can now be specified in the open file dialogue
  • minor bug fixes


Released 2008-05-16

  • bazaar, darcs, and monotone support
  • configurable key bindings
  • persistent preference settings
  • optimisations
  • minor bug fixes


Released 2008-05-06

  • alternate codecs for reading and writing files
  • more search options
  • editor support for primary selection
  • minor bug fixes


Released 2008-04-27

  • python re-write
  • syntax highlighting
  • search and replace
  • customisable through configuration files
  • tabbed viewer panes


Released 2006-01-28

  • initial public release